Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well my day begins like any other day, I wake up, take a piss, and head into the kitchen. This day was different though,much much different. I took this new medicine I had named Vyvanse boy was that a bad idea! Proceeded through my day like any other everything was going normal. That was until 2nd period at school, man I started speeding up. Fast forward a week and I found myself fasting for days  pushing through my week jacked up on these meds, which i might add is almost like being on speed.  I had lost my mind  is an uinder statement , I had lost reality of what was going on. Either it was either the lack of sleep or the fact that I had eaten maybe 2 solid meals in 7 days total. So too sum up what im trying to say is if you ever get prescribed vyvanse............DONT DO IT! 

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